cfotogoLogo is an affordable way to have a senior-level CFO or Controller involved with your company. We offer Enterprise-level services for small and mid-sized companies, providing financial management with a strong understanding of both the business operation and its finances.

Our services include:

Business Plans & Projections


cfotogoLogo develops Business Plan Financial Statements and Projections. We develop Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Cash Flow Statements – both current and future. All statements tie together so there is no credibility gap seen by the astute reader.

Current financials generally require some clean-up work to make them accurate, and to fully explain the existing financial situation. Tax ramifications are included when appropriate. Projections can be based on client-supplied sales estimates, or we can create them based on various estimated activities, pricing and other parameters. We use published national industry statistics in our calculations to give credibility to the numbers.

We frequently write text for the Plans as well, based on information provided by the client; editing and making certain that the Plan conveys a good story that ties back to the numbers. In other words, we can supplement our clients’ efforts as needed, or develop the complete Plan based on client-provided information.

Money Management & Financing

cfotogoLogo manages many clients’ cash on a daily basis. Through internet banking connections we find the current Bank Balance and compare it with the Book Balance. Funds are transferred as needed between savings, investment and operating accounts, and cash calls are sent out to investors.

Also, many of our clients are looking for financial help to keep their businesses developing or growing. Funding is not an easy process, and is not always possible for some clients under today’s conservatism. We do work for our clients to help find money.

cfotogoLogo will put clients and funding sources together when appropriate. We have many financing contacts, both banks and other commercial lenders and investors.

Investors and lenders interested in learning more about client needs and funding opportunities, please contact us for further information.

Cost Reduction & Maintenance

Profitability comes from keeping costs low. Sometimes, companies tend to lose control of their costs as they concentrate more on sales and operations. But when there is a downturn, everyone rushes to cut costs as quickly as possible.

cfotogoLogo works to keep costs down at all times, good or bad. Then, when good times arrive, your company accumulates more cash for expansion, debt reduction, etc.

We have a two-pronged approach to cost reduction. First, we examine your Cost of Sales and Gross Profit. In many businesses this is all that matters. We compare your margin against national averages of same-sized businesses in the same industry. Right away you will know how you are doing against the competition.

Second, we look at General and Administrative costs — the overhead. Again, we compare your costs with other businesses in the same industry. From people and organizations, from automotive to utilities, everything is considered.

Another useful tool in the cost area is the Break-Even Analysis. This tells you how much you must sell to cover the fixed costs. So, if sales won’t do it, lower the fixed costs.

Once costs are effectively reduced, we can extend our services to help you manage your business to keep profit margins at a balanced level.

Crisis Management & Turnarounds

Companies may find themselves in the following conditions – tight cash, unpaid invoices, NSF checks, COD deliveries, irate or concerned creditors, overworked and sometimes demoralized employees, and a bank that wants them to go elsewhere.

If this sounds familiar, it is nothing to be ashamed of…it happens all the time. But quick action is required. The longer a company waits to cure these problems, the more critical and difficult they become.

    cfotogoLogo works as your confidential business partner to:

  • Develop improved operations
  • Create positive cash flow
  • Calm creditors and lenders
  • Build a bank balance

We provide expertise in accounting and auditing, banking and finance, marketing and advertising, manufacturing operations and quality control, policies and procedures, and much more!

    Here are some results we can provide for you:

  • Business Turnarounds: To get your business back on track with good profit margins, good credit, and money in the bank.
  • Cash Flow Improvement: Lower costs, higher margins, and consolidated debt repayment.
  • Creditor Workouts: Long-term plans to pay off aged accounts payable, and to return to normal credit terms.
  • Business Financing: Asset-based lenders and commercial banks to provide working capital and other financing needs.
  • Business Development & Growth: New ideas and strategies to grow your business.