Taxes can’t be avoided, but they can be minimized – especially with a good knowledge of tax law, and an on-going understanding of how business decisions will affect your tax bill. If your company does not have an internal Tax Department – use ours. cfotogoLogo has licensed tax advisors and preparers to help you make the right decisions.

Frequent and complex tax law changes require constant attention and education. Our tax professionals attend several tax update seminars throughout the year. In addition, we subscribe to many publications and daily electronic communications to stay on top of current laws and court rulings, changing procedures, and new forms.

If you are just starting out in business, we can help you decide on the best business organization (Sole Proprietor, C or S Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Non-Profit Company, etc.) to meet your needs. Be right the first time, because once you make your choice, changes may be expensive and time-consuming.

We can prepare your tax returns, get you an extension, work directly with the various tax agencies to help solve any tax problems you may have.

Learn more details about our specific tax services:

State and Federal Income Tax

cfotogoLogo has an expert staff of tax specialists licensed by the IRS to practice in all 50 states to prepare both federal and state income tax returns. We will keep track of your particular tax schedule and deposit requirements, and prepare the necessary returns for all states:

• Corporation • Limited Liability Company • Estate, Trust • Tax Research
• Partnership • Individual • Non-Profit • Tax Representation

Tax laws are complex and constantly changing, and state income taxes vary widely across the country. Our experts work with each of our clients to analyze their unique circumstances, then use the best methods for their situation to legitimately reduce their bill to the lowest possible total each time.

Clients come to us that have not filed tax returns in several years or have large outstanding tax-due balances. We will catch up the accounting, and then prepare the returns necessary to become current. Obviously in these cases, there are settlement proposals made to the tax authorities to deal with the penalties and interest that have accumulated. We have become expert at tax representation and resolution – from Installment Agreements to Offers-in-Compromise.

State Sales Tax

cfotogoLogo has considerable experience in the sales tax area and covers all states. We can:

  • Obtain a state Reseller’s Permit for your business
  • Prepare your state tax returns
  • Recommend the best way for you to manage sales tax
  • Advise you on the records to keep
  • Help you through a sales tax audit

Many individuals miss the point that their business only collects the sales tax from customers to pass on to the state: it just comes in and goes back out. Cash handling and accounting need to reflect this fact. And don’t forget, there is also a Use Tax on merchandise used by a company that they purchase or bring in from out of state. For clients selling into states other than their own, nexus is the key in determining where to collect and pay sales tax. This applies to e-commerce, catalog, infomercial and other similar sales channels.

City Business Tax


Many cities and towns have their own tax on businesses, generally on gross income (e.g., Los Angeles). We can help you calculate this tax taking into account all exemptions and deductions available.

Business Property Tax

In California, a Business Property Tax form shows up each Spring, yet is often forgotten or receives little or no advance planning. cfotogoLogo can help you plan ahead to be prepared for proper reporting, filing and payment. The key here, as with all asset accounting, is to keep good records and report consistently to the different taxing agencies.

Business & Occupation Tax

Many states require payment of these taxes in lieu of a franchise tax, etc. We can prepare and file these returns for you.

Excise Tax


Some states charge excise taxes for doing business in their state. We can prepare and file these returns for you.